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Lexxie Lizzie

wow, i just found this community

anyway, a while back, i made a few video clips to some flight of the conchords songs. i did albi the racist dragon, humans are dead, and frodo. albi and humans are hosted at www.whatthefolk.net . the frodo clip is somewhere else...i'll have to find it

ah, here they are

so, if you want cheapo, rather funny (jemaine himself says "It made me laugh out loud
several times. I loved the ideas in it and the hilarious drawings.") video clips, they are downloadable here:

albi: http://whatthefolk.net/sounds/albiclip.wmv
humans: http://whatthefolk.net/sounds/humansaredeadclip.wmv
frodo: http://www.freewebs.com/andrewng/frodoclip.wmv

and here are the email correspondances with flight of the conchords concerning these video clips

Dear Lexxie (if that's your real name) or Lizzie (if that's your real name) or
Caitrin (if applicable)

Dear Whatsyourname,

Sherry from whatthefolk.net sent me and Bret the video clip that you made. I
just checked it out and thought that it was great. It made me laugh out loud
several times. I loved the ideas in it and the hilarious drawings. Personally,
my favourite part is the way the binary solo works with the rhythm of the song.
I just want to say that it's very flattering that you put time and effort into
doing that. If you don't mind I'd like to put it on our official website that
we are working on that will probably be up in a couple of months. I told Bret
about it and he's off to check it out now.

A few questions,
1. What country do you live in?
2. What software did you make that with?
3. Do you mind if we put it on our website when we (eventually) get it together?
4. Do you believe that robots are planning to take over the earth?

(F O The C)

Quoting Sherry <wingnut@whatthefolk.net>:

> Guys!
> This landed in my in box the other day and the young lady who made it
> has
> agreed to let me put it up on the site. I'm forwarding it to you so you
> can have a squizz. Its very cool. Have to say it, you have some pretty
> cool fans out there if they are making stuff like this :)
> Enjoy. Let me know what you think of it :D
> Sherry

and then there was this one:

they're great Alex. The drawings in 'Frodo' are really good too. Albi's really
funny. Bret and I watched it at the airport with no sound. We're pretty
familiar with how the sound goes though as you could imagine. Great stuff.


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